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  • March 29
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Why join us

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Do you work with cross-cutting participatory practices – participatory approaches, methods, tools, principles and concepts – in your work?

Are you a practitioner, academic, researcher, community leader/mobiliser or policy-maker who realizes the need for ‘grounding’ your understanding and activities in the grassroots?

Do you want to share your experiences and make it available to a wider audience?

PRACTICE IN PARTICIPATION is the platform for you!

A hybrid between an online resource junction and an interactive forum, the portal is:

›› A RESOURCE CENTRE of concepts, principles, frameworks, methodologies, tools and examplars for practitioners of participatory praxis globally. This will make available to a wider audience the work being done by grassroots organizations and practitioners who use participatory methodologies to bring about social change.
›› A PLATFORM for exchanging voices, illustrations, innovations and challenges when participatory practices have made a difference in the lives of excluded citizens around the world by harvesting local knowledge from across the global South and North.
›› A MECHANISM to articulate knowledge and synthesis of experiences from transformative practices hitherto not accessible to others. It provides a rhythm and space for participatory practitioners to reflect on their practice – through discussion forums, and building communities of shared practice.

Become a member of PRACTICE IN PARTICIPATION and:
›› Improve the impact of your work through reflection and horizontal learning with the communities in which you are working
›› Weave individual learning into organizational learning and catalyse social change through individual change
›› Motivate local communities, in particular the disadvantaged and marginalized, to value their local knowledge.
›› By valuing their own knowledge, you will enable them to be primary actors in changing their own lives – demand better services, governance, transparency and their rights from their governments.
›› Document local knowledge, keeping it “alive” and prevent its erosion and loss.
›› Access experiences from other locations leading to awareness generation.
›› Promote the culture of sharing knowledge (rather than knowledge being the monopoly of a few, to be transmitted by some, on the payment of fees).

The first impetus for change comes from the communities themselves and it is in this tradition and time that we develop the spirit of participation to the next level: virtual spaces for participation! As an active member undertake this journey of making PRACTICE IN PARTICIPATION truly participatory in spirit by sharing knowledge resources, co-creating new knowledge and initiating discussions.

By becoming a member you can join a community and post comments and reactions to discussions in the communities and forums. To become a member, Sign Up.